You inspire me.. 

You change the world effortlessly each day and I've been planning my whole life for it to no avail 

I've learned the idea of perfection is deceitful .. 

But what you deliver is organic and rare 

I just knew the latest and greatest to acquire your soul would be the last 

I envisioned you being married… crafting your beautiful blended family 

I had finally squandered the opportunities extended to me and failed you.. 

Well, really failed myself.. 

But I love you so much that nothing could ever halt my happiness for you ..    

I gave you space to explore and grow without background noise from the awkward one who consistently poorly executes the expression of the depth of her emotions 

Tonight you couldn’t sleep.. 

You felt pain.. and without even speaking to you I felt it as well 

The hope is what does it.. 

Most often described as a fall from grace.. 

You deserve every smile ..every warm embrace.. 

Each moment as the center of the universe 

I wish it was never taken from you 

I pray you recover 

Selfless wish

Baby don't recover for me ... recover for the world..

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