The Biography of Bella Rose

Bella Rose born Finda Songor is a United States born Liberian songwriter. Her strengths lie in fact based storytelling and boundary defying song structure and rhyme schemes. She choses eclectic sounds to create a unique blend of genre bending music. From boom bap to afro-beat Bella Rose has no fear of pairing her thoughts with instrumentation not typically sought after by hip hop artists. 

Bella Rose began her journey as a writer soon after discover she was an avid reader at age 6. By age 12 she was transitioning her poetry and short story writing into songs that told tales of a young African girl learning and growing in the urban streets of America. 

Bella Rose holds a Bachelor's of Arts in Music with a concentration in Sound Recording and a minor in communications from Elizabeth City State University in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.  
 And the legacy continues to grow ....