We No Longer Stand

Transparency abused 

I don’t want to deal with anybody who tells the person in the mirror their actions are justifiable because they told you so 

You still do fucked up things 

You say you will .. 

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Emotions always overlap 

Why can’t I just feel one thing 

It wouldn’t be so overwhelming if it was tunnel vision 

I don’t want to like.. love... feel.. care 

But I find myself giving endlessly 


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You inspire me.. 

You change the world effortlessly each day and I've been planning my whole life for it to no avail 

I've learned the idea of perfection is deceitful .. 

But what you deliver is organic…

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Shitty Headspace

Depression kills ambition
Hope is dangerous 
Faith is essential.. 

I can't clear my mind. 

I feel disappointed even though I shouldn't 
I had no expectation 
You don't grow out of awkwardness 

Can't shake this empty feeling... 
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Die Another Day

Someone told me they think about death alot today 
All I could think about is how bad I want them to live and how my thoughts are not enough 
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Text Messages I Can't Send

I want to say soul piercing hurtful things.
Majority from my truth no malice.
But I won't
Trying to understand the human mind is best left for those trained to do so.
But if I'm psychotic you triple my…

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The brutal honesty of my blog will definitely be beneficial to me and I hope it helps the rest of the weirdos, creeps, and nerds. I have a need to purge things. Not always pain but I write frequently when…Read more

Like Attract Like

What are the fucking odds. 

Manic Depressive + Borderline Personality Disorder Gladiator = The Dark Side of Love 


I was trying to describe this pain I felt...

This a new kind of pain 

I thought I had sampled every kind 

This pain comes deep from the inside 

First just an icepicks acuteness 

Then it swells and engulfs my chest 

Warms me physically 

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