The brutal honesty of my blog will definitely be beneficial to me and I hope it helps the rest of the weirdos, creeps, and nerds. I have a need to purge things. Not always pain but I write frequently when distressed. I think we should be on an eternal journey of self discovery. By making a conscious effort to learn everyday, the knowledge you work to master, changes your essence. I do so with the aim to be better and more productive than the day before. Today I discovered an alter.  No I did not misspell church pew. Scarlet is an alter of someone I love. Scarlet is the angry, paranoid, irrational alter. She curses and screams and is anti everything that once made sense. Scarlet is such a distinct alter she made it possible for me to begin to count the others I unwittingly encountered. This is a staggering realization and it has changed my life forever.  That's as much as I can process at the moment. 


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