Felipe François grew up in the middle of nowhere North Carolina (Bertie County) 

He is a self taught guitarist and an anime enthusiast. In 2010 Felipe ventured off to college at Elizabeth City State University where he started off as a art major, after one semester he changed his major to music . 

During his 4 years at university Felipe was exposed to composition techniques and would come in handy years later when he began to use FL Studio specifically to make songs as a member of the Balcony Boise.  

TV was born and partially raised in Indianapolis Indiana, but after 8th grade was relocated to Louisville, Kentucky where he lived  until senior year of high school landing in Raleigh, North Carolina. After graduation TV attended ECSU as a business management major. 4 years later he graduated and was miserable with a supermarket job and decided to move to Virginia. After more misery brought on by jobs TV decided to make music with his best pal Felipé as an outlet. Things started off slow but have been picking up since. 8 miserable jobs later TV found joy in making music and educating the youth of Norfolk as an elementary school teacher.  

In 2014 The Boise moved to Norfolk VA together and worked jobs at the pizza parlor together as pizza cooks. They both were not pleased with their current state of living. Once TV presented the idea of making music together Felipé being a musician already was on board. They both started as producers making what they thought at the time to be good beats. As time went on they decided to add vocals on the beats. Felipe excelled with the producing skills from producing to mixing and mastering. The Balcony Boise worked all the while creating clever verses. TV watched and learned while providing  stand out vocal performances. It's been quite a journey so far learning ins and outs, working with others, gaining experience and seeing/hearing the improvement come to life.  

With the help of long-time friend/manager Bella Rose aka MidWest Fendi things are looking even better.